About us

Immo Outlet Centre is the first real outlet center in Serbia. The younger generations and those who have had an opportunity to travel abroad are familiar with the concept of outlet stores. However, it is completely new to an average Serbian customer.

The first outlets were opened in the U.S.A. and in Europ during the '90s, where it was possible to purchase designer clothes at substantially lower prices than in the stores downtown.

Those outlets are predominately located outside of cities, in more rural locations. However, this is not the case with Immo Outlet Centre.  Located in easy to access New Belgrade, Immo Outlet center offers a wide variety of high quality items at discount prices, providing you with a true outlet delight in the heart of the city.

Tel/fax  +381 11 21 67 700

Adress: Gandijeva 21, blok 64, 11 070 Novi Beograd

E-mail: Info@immooutlet.com